Thursday, November 1, 2012

Longest Night

I went along to the hallowe'en party at my FLGS last Saturday evening. The store was open for an all nighter, which meant the party started after the kids bedtime, hence my availability. They were running (amongst other things) a ‘Longest Night’ event. I thought this was a one off event run last year, when Privateer Press released eAlexia. Although it looked fun, I doubted I would be able to make it. However, it turns out they are supporting this as an event that can be run at any time, which is great. I may even get round to converting some skeletons to be used as the Longest Night Thralls.

Participation Badge
Once I made it along to the store, there was a little delay in getting started, but I managed to play 2 games before having to run for the metro. I played Legion, and managed to pick up a bunch of points here and there from the list at the end of the scenario (which includes things like making a tent for the scenario, taking candies to share, and being in fancy dress). It pays to read the rules. I found out the next day I had won (although I have yet to collect the medal).

The biggun' was so taken by the tent, we had to make another one for her the next day,

Home-made tent and Thrall
I tried to get eAlexia painted up for use (she plays for any and all factions in this scenario), but failed. I am however quite happy with the horse (although it is not finished, it needs some work on the face and the ribs). I decided to go with a blonde Alexia, to move away from the dark tones of the mount, but otherwise I'm sticking pretty closely to the colour scheme laid out in NQ37.

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