Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Misaki/Kabuki Doll

I have long been eyeing up the Malifaux miniatures. They are beautiful creations, and there are a couple of factions that I could easily buy into. The game itself seems to hit all the right buttons, in that it's easy to pick up, and is skirmish based. That being said, I have restrained. Until my gaming time increases, there's no reason to buy into a new game. I will keep repeating this mantra, until I start to believe it.

I finally gave in, in a way, buy buying the beautiful Misaki miniature from my FLGS. My excuse is that she can easily double for a Kabuki Doll from the Triad faction in Metropolis, by Urban Mammoth. Therefore, I haven't yet bought into Malifaux. Yet.

Urban War Kabuki Doll
The only slight issue may be that Wyrd say all their miniatures are 32mm Heroic, and Urban War/Metropolis is technically 28mm, but I'm always very wary of what these companies say. I think there's little difference in most (at least fantasy) 28mm miniatures and 32mm heroic. Historical miniatures on the other hand, tend to be much closer in scale to what real 25mm/28mm actually is.

Either way, she promises to be a very demanding model to paint. I hope the result will reward the effort. First thing first, get her out of the box, and built. I have to say, I am rather unimpressed by the amount of flash on this model, especially on the handle of her weapon, the shaft of which is horribly bendy. If it weren't for all the bits and bobs attached to the shaft, I'd be tempted to exchange it for a brass rod. I may still do so.

Look at that kinky shaft!


  1. A nice purchase Derek,
    Look forward to seeing her painted

    1. Cheers mate, I'll see what I can do.