Friday, January 25, 2013

Kingdom of Britannia: Lieutenant

Post 3 today of what is fast becoming KoB Friday. A couple of WIPs for the Lieutenant, just to round off last night's painting efforts. There's a little tidying up to do, but he's almost there. I swithered for the longest time on how to paint his goggles and gun, in the end the goggles are fine, and the gun may get a little more highlighting with some silver over the bronze, just to bring out the details.

I'm still unsure about the microphone/communicator stuck on his face. It's a little too fiddly to paint well (at least for me)

The previous WIP of this guy can be found here.

With this and the tanks finished, I'll be able to field a force equivalent to the boxed sets in points cost. I don't plan to paint the Sky Hussars quite yet. For two reasons. Firstly, I don't think, from what I've read, they are the best section to use in smaller games. They seem to be a flanking force, or one that will finish off a wounded foe, so they'll be included by me in bigger games. Secondly, it's so damned cold here, I can't use any spray paint outside on the balcony, and I want to give the smoke a second undercoat in grey over the initial black. Once the temperature rises up to be over -10 again (it's been -20 to -30 all week) we'll take it from there.

Also, I just feel the tankettes will run better with the strategy I want to use for the KoB. at least initially. So close to having a fully painted army. My my, that never happens! Must be a leap year! ;)


  1. What a wonderful, characterful figure, great painting too.

    1. Thank you for that, and yes he is. Right up your alley I feel, if not a little too sci-fi.

  2. Very cool figure and great colors. Best, Dean