Friday, January 25, 2013

Kingdom of Britannia: Basset Tankettes

I have made a start on the Tankettes that I had reviewed here. I decided not to go with a camouflage green/khaki colour, as I feel it doesn't fit with the redcoat image. Let's face it, if the bulk of your army is running around wearing red, you're not going to bother too hard to hide your heavily armoured tanks.

For inspiration on colour schemes, I turned to the nearest real life example of contemporary (to Victorian times) tanks. What I decided to do was use Artillery pieces as a guide for my colour scheme. This meant a washed out blue scheme. I think it works quite well.

They look a little boring from those angles, but with the engines and exhausts, the view from above is a little more exciting. I just didn't take a picture from that angle. That with a little more detailing, and maybe some rust and they'll really pop.

I was really happy with the little freehand numbers I painted on the sides, leaving'1' free for a Sergeant model when it becomes available. However, when I dry-fitted the treads, i noticed the number was half hidden behind them. Oh well, looks like I'll have to do some more freehand on the front, or maybe the big round engine plate at the back, after all, we don't need the enemies to see the numbers.

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