Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Dystopian Legions: Britannian Specialist

Although I have yet to play a game (soon, I promise myself), I just can't help but pick up the miniatures. Shinybloodyitis at its worst. Yesterday, it was a choice between buying Col. MacDonald or the Kingdom of Britannia Infantry Section Specialist. I chose the latter, as although 'Big Mac' seems like he's the man to support all the Rifle Sections I plan to play, at least in early games, I'm far from 100% sold on the mini.

Indeed, I wasn't planning to buy the specialist mini, as I'm more likely to be running my Rifle sections as just that, and if I were to add a flame thrower for short range support, I'm unlikely to add two of these guys to a single section, but I do have 2 sections of riflemen to play with.  To be honest, I think one of the main reasons I bought this pack was for the rifleman you get rather than the specialist, as I think he's likely to see the table more often, at least for beginning games.

The pics below show exactly what you get in the box (along with 2 typical 30mm bases). I was forewarned about the weakness of the join between the Specialists left hand and the flamethrower (it is an extremely weak link), so take heed, and be extremely careful when removing the flash. On the wrist of the left had there is a long thin rod of metal, I can only assume this is there to be used as a pin. If so, great thinking Spartan! The separate hose is exactly the same as the one you get in the starter box, to be bent to shape to fit the mini. I haven't yet tried to place this one on the mini, but the last one wasn't too hard to get right.

As to the Rifleman, he's just that, another rifleman to add to your sections. In yet another individual pose, bringing the total number of poses on the standard infantrymen available to 7. I like this variation, especially in a skirmish game. This one is in a pretty simple pose, and should offer no problems to painting. My only issue is which of my Sections to add him to, as I plan very different paint schemes on these.

In summary, great little models, up to Spartans normal standards, with a little flash, minimal mold lines that should be easily dealt with. Only issue seems to be the weak connection between the left hand and the flamethrower. I give these guys 8 out of 10.

That's enough of the reviews. Time to get on with some painting!


  1. What's with all the brown? Are they trying to camouflage themselves or something? Wear red with pride, men!

    1. Don't worry, these guys don't do camoflage, they'll be posted in all their scarlet glory shortly! ;)