Thursday, May 10, 2012

Ménage du printemps: III Time travellers

Eyes are hard. I've been lucky in my last few projects not to have to paint eyes. My Napoleonics are not so detailled (not the minis as such, but my choice of finish) so i don't paint eyes. My Viridians are all wearing masks, and the Syntha are mechs, so again, no eyes (even the Biomech is wearing shades). So when it came to finishing these two, I was left with the faces, trying to find the smallest brush I had, or even a pin whith which to do the final black spots. Fopr a distace, these two look good, but the camers reveals a host of blemishes that I will have to go back and redo. I I had to redo the face on Sacsha so many times she looks like she's had too much botox. Hopefully a wash will get rid of most of the blemishes.

Dr Ecclescake is still looking a little shiny, but i have some matt varnish that should get rid of the worst of that. So, first two models, completed. They're unlikely to win any prizes, but they are for the most part done.

Pics after the cut.

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