Friday, May 25, 2012

Ménage du printemps: VIII Bog Trogs

Almost there. 2 layers of highlights, which i think is the most I've ever done. So much for these guys being a quick paint job, I seem to be taking my time with them. I think what's making me go slow with them is the fact that I can't varnish them after I put down the water effects, as a blast of matt varnish will ruin the clear water. Thus I have to go at them all in the right order, knowing I can't go back and do touch-ups later (post varnish).

Still, a few details to add, and they're ready to be entered into the competition.

First off, some group shots.

Now for some individual shots and close ups.
The two most completed so far...

...and their backs, note the seafood to go tied to their belts.

I really like how the tortoise shell armour turned out.

I'm less happy with the croc-skin coat. I may have to start again with that.
All in all, I'm happy with the progress, but am unsure whether I'll meet the deadline of the 29th, what with life getting in the way and what not. At least I have 2 completed figures, as noted previously, so I won't be a no-show.

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