Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ménage du printemps: Wrap-up

What a month! Certainly the most blog posts per month in my short 6 month run. The first time I have completed a full unit (possibly for any game ever, and that's a long time gaming).

Ok, so Plan A started well, with a simple line-up of 5 figures to be painted over 31 days (29 actually, since the photos were to be posted on the yesterday). 5 figures form various ranges, to help with painting fatigue. Sounds good yes? Well, the best laid plans of mice and men, aft gang agley. I would like to have completed Strakov, as I have bought a whole bunch of Assault Kommandos for his theme force, and I really like the mini for Saxon Orrik, even if he's unlikely to see play (he's one of the few figures for WM/H that I bought just to paint), but I was left with little inspiration as to the colour scheme to use. Particularly for Strakov, as what ever I go with will have to be repeated throughout his theme force. Hence Plan B.

Things I have learned:

  • Still Water is clear, like really clear. Unless you put something in the still water before placement, it's completely see-through. If I had to do this again, I would have added some tint to the still water, maybe some Devlan Mud, or Ochre, to make it more bog-like. Bog's don't have water that clear. At least none that I've ever had the pleasure to walk through.
  • Perseverance is all it takes to finish a unit. Maybe 10-15 hours work in total was all these guys took, over several evenings. Okay, maybe that is a lot. Perseverance and motivation is all it takes to finish a unit. Perseverance, motivation and inspiration...
    I'm going to stop myself there before this becomes a Monty Python skit.

It would have been nice to have completed the Eliminators, as they are such nice models, and are sure to see the table, but it was not to be. At least I have time to give their scheme proper, unhurried consideration.

So, the final standings, let's start with those that did not get finished.

Kommander Strakov

 I love this miniature. When I'm inspired, he will be finished to the best of my ability. Until then, back to the cupboard. At least the mud and boards got a base coat.

Saxon Orrik

 Another great mini consigned to the shelves till I decide how to finish him.

Mad Scientist

The Savage Worlds miniature almost made it. Base coated and inked, he is nearing completion, but alas, missed out on that final coat when the Bog Trogs made their appearance.

 Sascha DuBois

The first of the completed models. Still not 100% happy with the face, and from what I picked up highlighting the Bog Trogs, very simplistic in its finish, but, we live and learn. I do like the hair colour, and the highlights on the back of the coat.

Dr Malcolm Ecclescake

I like the simplicity of the finish, and subtlety of the highlights. I don't like the eyes. Given time, I may redo these.

Bog Trogs

The eventual stars of the show. Very happy with them, for all the reasons mentioned above. I learned a lot doing these guys.  More of the finished work here.

Onwards and upwards!


  1. Epic job! You churned out minis like a machine. Nice work on the Bog Trogs; the final result really pays off for all the work you put on them.

    Also, don't worry about those Eliminators, we have a theme coming later this summer that will perfectly fit those two killer ladies. ;)

    1. Thanks for that.

      Glad to hear the Eliminators are not to be forgotten, they are beautiful sculpts.