Friday, May 4, 2012

Urban War: Syntha III

Final group shots, with the bases of the Androsynths finally painted. I think I may go back and give the Pointman and Biomech bases another ink, as they're a little too plain as is.  Click for larger images. Below the cut there is the paint scheme I used. Again, this is mostly as a point of reference for me, if I want to paint up some more minis in the same scheme.

Paint scheme below the cut

Paint Scheme

Main Body
Undercoat: Underbelly Blue (P3)
Wash: Enchanted Blue (GW)
Highlights: Underbelly Blue (P3) through to Pure White (MSP)

Metallic areas
Brass Balls (P3) with Brown Wash (P3)
Mithril Silver (GW)

Khador Highlight (P3)

Trollblood Highlight (P3) and Black Ink wash (P3)

Block colour: Thrall Flesh (P3)
Ink Wash: Gryphone Sepia (GW)
Highlights: Thrallflesh (P3)/Ryn Flesh (P3)

Basecoat: Underbelly Blue (P3)
Wash: Purple Ink (GW)
Highlights Underbelly Blue (P3)/Trollblood Highlight (P3)

As Mechs.

Base coat: Trollblood Highlight (P3)
Ink wash: Black Ink ((P3)
Highlights/Drybrush: Mithril Silver (GW)

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