Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Ménage du printemps: VII Bog Trogs

Basecoat finished and ink done. In total, a 3 hour painting stint last night. I recieved a heads-up that there was only a week to go for the painting challenge, which focused my mind on the task. I think that's the longest I've stuck to painting one unit. I made sure to stay focused by not taking any of the others minis that may distract me out of the gaming cupboard.
I'm happy with the results, although by the end of the evening I was making quite a few slips with the highlighting due to tired eyes. That can all be fixed with the highlighting on the scales and detailing, which I will try to do this evening.

Pics after the cut.

I was worried about the Arcane Blue as the base for the brass, but it has worked out quite well. I may have to go back and paint in a couple of patches and highlight them, as the effect has been lost on the blades, but works well on the armour.

The fully inked minis. I went over the under skin and faces with the base coat to reclaim the larger part. Still have to do the same with the back scales. Then a final round of highlights and detailing before I can move onto the bases, the real goal of the project.

A tale of two inks

Devlan mud on the right, Gryphonne Sepia on the left.

I went with Devlan mud for the washes for the Trogs, but I did one with Gryphonne Sepia. At first glance I thought the sepia ink too red, and went with the mud. After they dried however, I think the sepia ink has left a warmer more skin-like tone. I was planning on making a rust red ink to colour the ends of the feelers and the stomachs of the Trogs at the end of the painting, and I'm not sure if that would be complemented by the sepia base, or would hide it.

Inspiration (especially for the brass) here.

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