Sunday, May 20, 2012

Ménage du printemps: V Bog Trogs

 I suffer from shinybloodyitis. It's a common condition for us miniature gamers. There are more nice models out there than we have time to devote to them, so, we start one project, and are distracted by another before we finish the first. This means that instead of finishing the Deadlands miniature I had started, when I sat down at the table yesterday I pulled out some Bog Trogs I had, who weren't even put together. The reason is two fold. Firstly, I have been planning to use these guys for some speed painting I want to try out, they should work really well if I get it right, with a light undercoat, some very watered down paints and ink layers. With them being scaly, it should turn out well. The second reason is that I bought some Vallejo Still Water, and am itching to try it out, of course, to do so on some swamp bases means I have to first paint the minis, so last night I prepped these guys. I had planned to undercoat them too, but I had to wait till the white glue on the bases has dried.

These guys count for the spring challenge, as they've been stuck in a box for quite a while, as has the foliage and reindeer moss that I used to decorate the bases. On to the undercoat this evening...

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