Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Ménage du printemps: Start

First post in this series (at least the first containing pictures of miniatures). I have put aside these 5 minis as the ones I'll be trying to complete first. A selection of varying minis, all 28mm, but all ones I really like, and feel the need to have painted.

Saxon Orrik and Kommander Strakov
 The first two are Privateer Press Minis. One from Hordes and One from Warmachine. Saxon Orrik is a minion, who will work for just about anyone. I really love the miniature, and the desert feel, but his rules don't fill any gap that I have in any of my armies. Since i am painting for the sake of painting, and not to put anyone on the table, he's in Kommander Strakov, however, should be seeing the table often, if I get my way. I bought a whole pile of Assault Kommandos to field with him, I even scratch built a pile of trenchwork bases for them all. It would never be a competition winning army, but I do like the theme.

Mad Scientist and Sascha Dubois

The next two are Reaper minis. The Mad Scientist, from their Savage Worlds range, and Sascha Dubois, Time Chaser from their Chronoscope range. I may have mentioned before, I have a hankering for the Deadlands background, due to a loooong running campaign I was a part of back in the old ountry. (It still runs now, 6 years later, I just don't play in it any more). The Time chaser was one of the first of the Chronoscope figs, and was very much in the theme of the next guy, which is why I picked her up

Dr Malcolm Ecclescake
The last figure, is Dr Malcolm Ecclescake, otherwise known as "not the ninth Doctor". A love of Doctor Who, the release of the RPG, and finding these very nice minis meant I could not pass. I have "not the Master" and "not the tenth Doctor" as well, but Ten is already partly painted, so doesn't count for this competition, and the Master, well, you don't start with the master, you start with the Doctor, then you paint the Master.

So there you go. The start of this month's challenge. If I get these done, I'll move on to my Kayazy Eliminators, who are not yet built, as I'm waiting for a missing part. After that, if there's still time, we'll see.

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