Friday, February 28, 2014

Necromunda Miniatures: House Escher

It was easy for me to decide to bring back my Necromunda minis, as I have been looking to play this game since it came out, and even though me and my mates all bought a gang box set, we never got round to playing it. With only 20 minis to collect, and having already bought 14 of them back when they were freely available, this seems that I should be able to satisfy my inner completionist, whilst maybe even adding the other couple of Necromunda minis that take my fancy. Full listing of minis can be found here.

Whilst I never played Necromunda, I loved the House Escher sculpts, and the one with two swords that I have painted was used as a mini for my SLA Industries character. I took a lot of time to paint my minis back then, as can be seen by the fact that I did all the eyes (something I don't bother about now) and I an still happy with the way these turned out, even though I may not paint the rest of them with the same patience, or even the same techniques. One thing I have improved upon immensely is my basing. With these I didn't even bother to fill in the slot, I swamped the base in Goblin Green paint, then dunked them in some flock.


There are some chips in the paintwork, even on the varnished minis. This is what comes of spending the last 15 years living in a box. Some of the damage on the juves came from my suitcase. It'll be easy to patch them up and get on with the rest of them.

Pics after the cut.

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Back from Blighty Bearing Minis

I have just returned from a quick trip back to the UK. Due to the circumstances of my visit, I spent the whole week at my parents house, rather than touring around visiting everyone. This allowed me to spend some time on their loft, looking out and going through my old stuff. Much of which I brought back with me.

I am now in re-possession of the following minis:


House Escher for Necromunda
Wood elves and Sea Elves for WFB.
A couple of Humans that could be either Empire or Bretonnian
Regiment of Renown: Avenging Knights of the Cleansing Flame (Nominally a human unit, but works as High Elf, or even Melnibonean, and seriously, what a name!)


VASA troops for Void (any version)
Also a couple of Syntha, Junkers and Viridian troops in there too (but not enough for a big force)

Urban War (or any of its current incarnations)


Whilst I was out there, I also picked up Heroes Villains and Monsters for IHMN, and the Minis set for the Society of Thule, which of course I could order here online, but the Pound is strong against the Canadian dollar so it made sense to buy in pounds rather than in Dollars, and I didn't have to pay shipping.

I left behind a bunch of WFB minis, including High Elves and Empire a dragon and other monsters and a Bloodbowl team, as well as the larger robots and vehicles I have for Void and all my Flintloque/Alternative Armies stock. These can be picked up at a later date, or posted out.

So, all in that's me equipped (or in some cases better equipped) to play 5 new (or old) games that I didn't have the minis for before. I call that a win.

I also brought back my old GW case, which is great for skirmish games, and much easier to take back and forward to the club with my minis of choice in, rather than my larger Army Transport case (Which is great for larger minis, so will still see great use for Warmachine and Hordes). Here are a couple of pics of what it was full of.

Just as an aside, I carried this case through security as hand luggage. I expected to be stopped and have it opened at the x-ray machine, either at Glasgow or Heathrow, but I walked through both times without issue. I was surprised. Maybe the X-ray attendants were gamers.
I'll be posting more pics of some of these that have been painted in the following weeks. I was surprised by the quality of some of my older paint jobs. Despite the fact that my techniques have changed and improved, I think I spent much mire time per mini back then (I painted eyes, something I have since let go, and I didn't use inks or washes at all). Then it'll be on to re basing them, as my basing skills at the time for the most part included swamping the base with Goblin Green, and sprinkling on some green flock (I rarely even plugged the slot on the base).

Whilst there, I also picked up some magazines in W.H. Smiths. The Wargames Illustrated and Wargames Soldiers and Strategy I could have picked up here in time, but Battlegames Magazine is not one that I have seen this side of the Atlantic (maybe someone wants to do something about that). It has something different to offer ovber the other two in the type of articles it prints. Maybe I should post a review of it too.

Meanwhile, back to finishing off this month's Colore ton Monde challenge. Just as well I managed to do the bulk of that before I left, as painting time this last week has been an obvious no-no. 

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Votes Are In

The votes are in for the pairing I will paint this month for Colore ton Monde. It seems the majority of you wish for me to paint Amelia Pond and the Eleventh Doctor. 

Okay, that's that then. I was initially hesitant as to how I would go about Amy, but I have thought about it, and I have a plan. Eleven though, I do not yet have a scheme for. I guess I'll just have to have a good look online for some reference pics. That should not be too hard at all.


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Testing a Poll

My last post was a vote, I have decided to try this little code out to see if I can make it a click poll, much better way to get a response than asking for comments I feel.

For the details of the vote, please click here, and chose which pair of minis I am to paint this month.
Which Mini shall I paint for this month's challenge?
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The Poll was created by Pollcode.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Colore ton Monde February: A Vote!

Alright you silent masses, I see the page count going up on these posts without comment, and  let it go, as really, what's to say. Well your time as mere spectators is at an end! I require you to speak up and speak your mind. I put before you a set of pictures, and it is up to you dear reader, to pick which of these sets of minis I am to paint for this month's Colore ton Monde painting challenge!

As noted previously, the challenge this month is to paint a pair of minis, with a link between the two, be that as friends or foes. I have had a bit of a rummage, and this is what I have come up with.

1 Ten and the Master
Heresy Miniatures IIRC, and a nice duo. The best of frenemies. The last of the Timelords finds out he is not alone, only to find the other remaining is his greatest nemesis.

2. Amelia Pond and the Raggedy Doctor
I do prefer 10 to 11, but the Amy Pond mini will be a challenge to get right, for me at least. Again Heresy minis.

3. K-9 and 10
What's not to love about these two. Of course K-9 has more of a relationship with 4, or even Sarah-Jane, but I don't have minis for those two. Again Heresy.

4. Khador Kayazy Eliminators
Privateer Press miniatures. Wonderful sculpts, and very dynamic. I think they go very well with the scenic bases I put them on. Of course these two are a matching pair, a unit of two. What beauties!

5. Harold and Val

Another Heresy set. This time as part of a little diorama that has been stuck on hold for the longest of times, mostly just because I have no need for it in game, but it is one that I would like to finish eventually. The base for these two is already made, it just needs painted (like these two).

So there you have it, and surprisingly, no Dystopian Legions. Maybe I need a break from them to get my mojo back. What say you we give it a week, then count up the votes, after all, February is the shortest month, and I do have to paint them in that time.

Get voting!

I have created a poll on another post, so please vote there. For the two votes I have already recieved, I shall add them on to the tally at the end of the week, and thank you again.

Colore ton Monde: February

January's challenge results are up on the Club Chaos site here, along with Februaury's challenge.

Like it says, there was a wealth and diversity of entries this month. I guess it's all the resolutions made in the new year (although there were a couple of entries that doubled as entries in the Painting Elf Exchange.

Anyway, on with this month's challenge:

À deux, c'est bien mieux !

Février est le mois de la Saint-Valentin, des rapprochements et de l'amour. Mais il n'y a pas que l'amour qui est mieux à deux; la guerre aussi. Un supérieur, un frère d'arme, un némesis: ça prend de tout pour faire un monde. Pour février, nous vous invitons à peindre un duo, que ce soit deux modèles sur une même thématique, deux modèles sur une même base, un diorama, ou toute autre idée saugrenue que vous pourrez nous pondre.

It's always better with two!

February is the month of St Valentine, reconciliation and love. But it's not only love that is better with two; war too. A superior, a brother in arms, a nemesis: it takes all sorts to make the world. For Frebruary, we invire you to paint a duo, that is, two models on the same theme, two models on the same base, a diorama, or any other crazy idea that fits the bill.

I must admit, I had originally though to finish mu Armstrong gun (with 2 crew), but since the crewmen have been painted for a while, and I only need to finish the gun, I thought that would be a bit of a cheat. Then I thought a cavalry mini (the usual dig about a cavalryman and his horse), but I don't have any of those in the painting queue.

The Brother-in-arms motif really hits a nerve, and if I had this mini from Empress Miniatures, it would have it painted in a shot, but I don't, and I doubt it'd arrive in time, with February being the short month. So it,s off to the mine the lead mountain to see what I can rustle up, though I must say, I like the theme this month, so I'm sure to have plenty of options!

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Kingdom of Britannia: Light Dragoons

After three sessions building them, my Light Dragoons are finally done. These guys were a bitch to put together. I kind of assumed all the arms were the same, an would fit any of the three bodies, they are not. I tried to pin the arms, but they are too thin for me to pin (I hear on the forums others have managed), so instead they are held on with green-stuff and copious amounts of super-glue. Also, dry-fitting the legs with the bodies and the main part of the walker is far from easy.

Still, the first section is built and ready for painting (although they will see the table before they are fully painted, that's quite certain).

I think I'll add some pennants to the back of these guys, so I can distinguish between my Sections. That should fit with the Dragoon idea.

You can see my original review of this unit here. I would like to add to add to that review that assembly of these models is not for the feint of heart, and an indication of which arms go with which body would be appreciated (numerals on the sprues would be more than adequate).