Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dystopian Legions: KoB Royal Artillery

For my first HMG, I decided to paint it in the colours of a Line section, so it could be fielded as a support weapon for that selection. However, for my second, since you can only have 1 HMG per line section, I decided to paint this one in the colours of the Royal Artillery. If I want to field a support HMG section, I can always just stick them together anyway. I would photo the two together, however, the other is currently on display at my FLGS (with one of my line sections and Sergeant), where is hopefully working to draw new players to the game.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Kingdom of Britannia: Other minis

This is a compilation post of the other finished minis I have for my Dystopian Legions Kingdom of Britannia force. These may have been shown before as WIPs, or even as fully, but they are shown here in their complete and based form. Just to get them out there, and posted.

All I have to complete for this army now is the second of my HMGs, and the Air Hussars, who have been sitting forlornly waiting their turn at the front of the paint queue since the very beginning of this project.

Sergeant for my next section (yet to be purchased), the Prince of Wales Volunteers (South Essex). I may have to sculpt little feathers and or eagles for their helmets.

Lieutenant for my force, henceforth to be referred to as Bromhead.

Bertie. I painted the eyes on this guy, as he's a character, not just rank and file, but I'm not happy with them (am I ever?), so I'll likely redo them.

Drummer boy for the 24th, South Wales Borderers.

Now, onwards to organise my first game of this, hopefully before too long!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Colore ton Monde: April

First off, a few WIP shots of the Samurai I have chosen for this month's Colore ton Monde. I was initially lacking inspiration for this, but the muted/darker base coat with brighter (really bright) highlights seems to be working out better than I imagined.

In the end, it was a rather simple job of watered down base coat, light inking, then highlights.

Then, the final mini. I have not finished the base, as I don't know how I want to base him yet, as along with the other Samurai and oriental figures I own, i have no gaming use for them. As yet. I suppose for him to be 100% complete, I'd have to paint his spear, but I think I'll leave that off for now, for ease of packing.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Reinholdt, Gobber Speculator.

Reinholdt, Gobber Speculator, I painted this little fella back in 2008 or so, and he has yet to be properly based, although it would take little to put a bit of sand and flock on him (there is after all, very little of it showing out from under his coat). Reinholdt was one of the first minis I bought, back in wave 1 of Warmachine releases. I doubt I've actually fielded him more than a handful of times, but I painted him as a test model for some Swamp Gobbers I then painted for a friend's birthday. I'm quite pleased with the two tone skin under the mouth.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Zulus, Fasands of 'em!

Well, 3 of them at least, but every horde has to start somewhere. These guys were a blister from Reaper miniatures, and are a little larger than 28mm, so are therefore the perfect scale for Dystopian Legions. I bought them at the same time as this guy who you may have seen popping in this blog up as a re purposed DL sergeant, but they were wasting away in the bits box till recently, when they were pulled out, re based and painted up. They made a great little break from the redcoats of my KoB army, whilst still being relatively 'on theme'.

I don't know if Spartan Games have any plans to provide rules for use of this type of warrior in DL, but I'm sure it wouldn't take much to Home-Brew some rules to match the minis. Getting piles of Zulus is not an issue these days, with there being plenty of plastic boxed sets on the market. Just the odd tweak the one of two of the recovered rifles these guys hold and we're good to go. I must say, there's a gap in the market for Steampunk Zulus that I'm surprised has yet to be filled!

How would these hordes fair against the steampunk fuelled forces of the world? Sturginium powered rifles can only do so much, when the wielders are outnumbered by thousands of Zulus. I feel a scenario coming on.

There are some touch ups to do, since I've seen the pics of these guys, but they're otherwise good to go!

Friday, April 5, 2013

Convergence of Cyriss Servitors

A new PP Insider article that was posted this week, talks about the Convergence of Cyriss, and their support solos, called Servitors.
To quote the article:
"the majority of the army’s solos are comprised of servitors—autonomous clockwork constructs designed to fulfill a single battlefield role. Cheap and numerous, servitors quickly became a defining aspect of the Convergence army."
I am very intrigued by how this unique miniature type will affect the playstyle of this new faction. I really like the sound of these guys. I have been keeping an eye on this emerging faction, and I do like a lot of what I see, although I am yet not completely sold on the 'jacks. I see them as a little too bulky for my tastes, and they don't really mesh with what I see as the Art Deco esthetique of the 'casters and units.

I also really like the concept art (click on the above link to see them). I'm sure these guys will have uses as minis for other games and scenarios, either in RPGs, or in Dystopian Legions. Also, since they're smaller, that also means they'll come in at a very affordable price range (one can hope).

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Colore ton Monde: Avril/April Cleaning up the Clutter.

The results from March's painting challenge are now online (post of my entry here), and can be found here.  Also, this is a call out to anyone who wants to participate. The Club Chaos blog and Colore ton Monde challenge may be based in Montreal, but they are open to anyone who wants to enter. So, if you want to join in, please do!

This month's Colore ton Monde is a play on the spring clean from a year ago:

C'est le printemps, on fait le ménage dans nos vieilles traîneries

Pour le mois d'avril, nous vous invitons à peindre un VIEUX modèle. Fouillez vos tiroirs pour la figurine la plus ancienne de votre collection, ou à défaut, au moins celle que vous possédez depuis le plus longtemps.

It's spring time, time to clean out the clutter.

For the month of April, we invite you to paint an OLD model. Rake around in your drawers for the oldest figure in your collection, or at least one you have had for a long time.

The oldest figures I have in my current collection would be those I brought over with me. These include the starter box for Khador, and Eiryss, which I bought at Claymore a long time ago. Of those, Sorcsha and Eiryss are only half painted. Otherwise, on the same outing, I bought these Samurai. Don't ask me why, I have no gaming use for them, and I didn't the either. It's just an era I'm interested in.

They came as a box of 6, and I don't remember what company made them, but of the 6, 3 are undercoated, and at least one will be painted this month.

So, here we go...

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Alexia, base WIP

This mini has been on the table for a while now, but I thought it was about time to post a few WIP shots of the base, and mini for Alexia. I had the mini painted mostly up for the Longest Night event, but I had held off on the base, as I wanted something a little more special for this lady. In the end, I opted for this base by Secret Weapon.

Here, Alexia's base all but done, some muddy water to add, and some touch ups to the mini after all the man-handling required to remove the horse from its previous base and pin it to this one.

I went on to touch up the paint work, and fill in the base with some water effect, stained with Secret Weapon's Sewer Water wash. Perfectly named I feel, and the colour works great as swamp water. I dumped some grass and leaves in the mix at the last minute, as I was too eager to get the water in there, I completely forgot how I had actually planned to place these before adding the water effects.

Furthermore, I had also planned to varnish the model before I put the water effect in, as I didn't want the spray varnish I use for a dullcoat clouding up the base! This will have to be worked around, as already the paint job has chipped again where I repaired it last night. I guess I'll have to paint on the 'ard coat, then mask over the base to spray with dullcoat.