Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Viridian Wars

As if my attention wasn't being fractured enough these days, I have found yet another way to procrastinate and eat into my painting time. I requested to contribute to another blog, the Viridian Wars, and the author there, Richard, has graciously accepted. So, I am now an author on that blog, and have already planned out a few posts on a variety of topics in that universe. The first real one will be posted tomorrow morning.

What does this mean for posts here? well nothing much. Normal service will continue. This does not even mean I will not be posting Void material here, not that I have done much of that in the past. I will still have the odd post with painted minis, and even, if the stars are right, battle reports and the like.

What I will try to post over there are more in depth articles on the game and the miniatures, that I would struggle to justify posting here, due to limited interest in the game. I have already got a few articles lined up, and they should come out in the coming months. These posts will likely inspire me to paint up more Void and Urban War minis, so expect a few of them to make an appearance here too. A little cross-pollination if you will.

After that, who knows, I may move on to cover the daughter game Urban War, another one that I have a passion for that struggles to find its voice on the internet.

So if you have not already, and you are interested in the game, the minis or the setting, go along and check it out, follow and most importantly comment on the blog, as it is through the interaction with other bloggers we thrive and build our community.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Khador Caster Challenge, April: Kommandant Irusk

This month has been a bust in painting terms, between family holidays and other commitments, I have had a grand total of 4 hours painting so far this month. Not that I am complaining, as the other stuff has been fun, but it does leave the post count here at a low ebb.

To combat this lack of time, I am painting one mini that will fit in both with this month's colore ton monde challenge, and my self imposed Khador Caster challenge. Since this month's colore ton monde was open to pretty much anything, this was not hard.

I had previously put some base colours down on pIrusk, and he is a relatively simple model compared to the epic versions of the casters that are left to do on my list, so that made him a shoe-in for this month's mini.

I experimented a bit on the Khador anvils on his shoulder pads and neck. as well as with the crest band on his hat. Rather than going for a metallic gold, I went yellow with a bit of highlighting. This is not an NMM effect as such, but has the same feel. A little more cartoony than many of my historical minis, but that fits with Mr Big-Hat here.

This leaves the Khador Caster Challenge in the following state:

Casters Painted: 6
The Old Witch and Scrapjack
pVlad (variant)

Casters to Paint: 6

Half way there in 4 months, but with some of the bigger models like eButcher and eIrusk still to go I'm glad to have time to work on them as they may take more than one month each at my current rate of painting.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Colore Ton Monde, April

This month is running late, both at my side in the painting and blogging, and at the Club Chaos side, as the challenge as posted is as follows:

Et bien, j'ai oublié de publier le thème d'avril... Pour compenser pour ce délai, nous vous invitons à peindre un modèle que vous aviez déjà débuté par le passé. Comme ce n'est pas tout le monde qui a des modèles en attente, vous pouvez peindre pas mal n'importe quoi.
So, to translate, the theme wasn't posted in time, so to compensate, we are invited to paint a model that has already been started. This suits me doubly fine, as I have only just returned from a week's vacation in New York, so have not even thought about getting my paints out yet, and can't see much time in the rest of the month to do much either. Here's to getting something done eventually!