Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Too little, too late?

A recent announcement by Spartan Games on their blog, on the support for their Dystopian line of games (Dystopian Wars and Dystopian Legions). Legions was the only one of their games that interests me, as I'm really not into the smaller scale games. I'm really not sure what this means in terms of game support, which has been lacking for years now, but I'll be keeping an eye on this none-theless.

Dystopian LegionsDystopian Legions is now four years old and whilst more niche, we know that it has a following every bit as dedicated as Dystopian Wars, albeit somewhat smaller.  We are changing how we sell the product line, and will do everything to continue supporting the game and its loyal players.
We have therefore decided that all of the Dystopian Legions product line will be available via mail order from our online store only, also taking effect from October 31st 2016. By selling it as an entirely mail order product line, we can make it easier for customers to expand their armies with individual models and lower pricing by not needing to cater for packaging or trade discounts. This is a bold move for Legions, but one that we feel will strengthen the game in the highly populated 28mm scale miniature gaming space in which it competes.
This is the start of a number of exciting changes for Dystopian Legions which will firmly put the gaming control in the hands of its players. The greater customisation of purchase options will allow gamers to choose exactly how they want to play with their miniatures, from small squad-based adventures to platoon level actions!

So, all minis are available individually. This is cool I guess, as there are some sculpts I do not have that I don't want to buy a squad box just to have. This will also make the minis more tempting to those that play other games (like In Her Majesty's name), but I think it just means they hope to sell minis without having to give games or rule support. I rather feel that the second edition of this game was rushed out, unfinished then left high and dry as Spartan got their hands on the HALO IP. The reboxing of the miniatures and how the squads were built in game was also something I think was botched. Here's hoping the shipping isn't the issue that kills this to gamers outside of the UK.