Friday, November 8, 2013

Colore Ton Monde November

As I predicted, I didn't have the time to find and paint a mini on scheme for the month of October, due to being in the UK for half of it, with the other half preparing to go, and getting over the trip. But if you do want to see some of the excellent figures that were submitted to the challenge, go here.

For the month of November, the challenge is as follows:

P'tit boss de bécosse

Ce weekend, on vote pour les élections municipales au Québec. Malgré toute l'importance de ces postes, ils sont souvent considérés secondaires par rapport aux élus provinciaux et nationaux. Pour le mois de novembre, on vous invite à peindre un p'tit boss: un sergent d'unité, un personnage de deuxième classe, un héro wannabe/hasbeen: à vous d’interpréter le thème à votre manière.

Lil boss of the shit-house*

This weekend we vote in the Quebec municipal elections. No matter the importance of these positions, they are often considered secondary to politicians elected to positions at the provincial and federal levels. For the month of November we invite you to paint a  lil boss: a unit sergeant, a second class character, a wannabe/has-been hero: it's for you to interpret the theme in your own way.

So that should be easy enough. I have a stack of sergeant and unit leader minis to finish off for current games. Indeed, the unit leader for my Bretonnian bowmen wears full plate armour, what indeed could be easier (if not a little bland)? I think I'll paint him up with his command group to make things a little more colourful.

*One of the reasons I have put off posting this for about a week is that my English is failing me. I know for a fact there is a similar saying in English for this type of person/position, but I cannot for the life of me find the best phrase. I guess there goes my job in translation!
If you can think of a saying that works, please put it in the comments!

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