Sunday, November 29, 2015

Terror of the Lichmaster

In a recent trip to my FLGS, not particularly known for its second hand stock, I was very intrigued to see some old Citadel stuff sitting on a shelf. I had a rummage through, and came out with this beauty in my hands.

This is an unprecedented find here in Montreal, but when I talked to the owner of the store as to where it came from, I was less surprised to know that I knew who had been downsizing their collection, it's not that big a town after all.

This does not mean that I will be looking to buying up the miniatures for this campaign. Not at all. If I were based in the UK, maybe, but shipping to this continent, coupled with the comparative rarity of these miniatures on these shores puts this possibility well out of my budget.

If nothing else, this gives me something to look at when building Frostgrave campaigns and scenarios, as well as coupling nicely with the Lichmaster campaign I have for WFRP.

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