Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Into the New Year

A belated, but Happy New year to you all! May 2016 see the reduction of our lead pile to a manageable level!

As I look back on last year in terms of my blogging, it seems to have been a game of three halves. I started the year full of good intentions, as I'm sure we all do. I had the plan to paint all my Khador casters, in my Khador Caster Challenge, and it did start well, with one a month done up till June.

Unfortunately this was when the second half of the year kicked in, otherwise known as Summer, and both painting and gaming fell to the wayside.

The last half of the year was when I got back into some gaming with some Osprey Games. Firstly with IHMN, then with Frostgrave.

And that's where this year is blending seamlessly into the last, with more Frostgrave, as there seems to be some real energy behind this game, both online, and in my local gaming group. It is also a game that has really inspired me to delve back into my lead pile and dig out some old gems that would otherwise never get played with, which is what attracts many to the game. I received the Thaw of the Lich Lord campaign book yesterday, and have read through it, and I must say it seems to make some fun additions to the game, so I'm looking forward to running through this campaign soon, while interest is still high.

2015 was the year when  the "Colore ton Monde" painting challenge finally closed it's doors, but it was also the year that The Viridian Wars blog opened, as infrequent as posts there may be.

I don't really like to have posts here that don't have any pictures, but I don't yet have anything new that is ready to post, so I went back through last years minis, and selected a few to repost here.

Onwards to 2016. What will it bring to my gaming and painting table? Well, I do not have and grand plans, unlike last year, except to finish a full warband for Frostgrave. Which will only happen if I stop painting wizards, as I only need two of those, even if they are such pretty miniatures...

There is also a painting class, here in Montreal in a week or so, so maybe I'll head over for a day of that too, knock some of the rust off after the slow painting of the last part of last year, get me back on track.

Happy 2016 to you all!


  1. A very Happy New Year to you too, lovely to see some of that work again - marvellous.

    1. And to you Michael! :D

      Here's to better stuff this year! ;)

  2. A belated new year to you too. It's been a good year I see :) Here's to a better one in 2016.

  3. Cheers for that, and the same to you! :D