Monday, January 15, 2018

Snow Leopard

After the long hiatus that was last year, I have been re-energised by the winter break into getting the paints out.

This was helped along by at least 2 games of Frostgrave over the holidays with my eldest. She

In an attempt to equip ourselves for more varied gameplay at home as opposed to at a store, I picked up a couple of prepainted D&D minis, a panther and a bear, as well as a few odds of scatter scenery (more on that in a future post). Turns out, after googling for some pics of the original to post here, it was actually a limited edition Guenhwyvar miniature. I am not a big D&D fan, so really this means very little to me, other than it works as a big cat!
Photo not mine
The bear doesn't really need any work, but the panther was bought to be used as a Snow Leopard, so needed a little modification and a new coat of paint. I didn't take any WIP shots of the greenstuff job on this mini, but basically, I bulked up its shoulders and added some fur to its head, neck and tail.

So, with that, we have the Snow leopard:

I realise this is far from my best work, but the goal was to finish something, and this was painted in a very short time, is table ready, and the Big'un is pleased with it, so goal achieved. It'll take more than this mini for me to get back up to the standard where I was happy with my work last year, but baby-steps.

The Big'un has a wizard with the Animal Companion spell, and has been trying out the various options in her games, with the Snow Leopard being a favourite, and Ice Toad a close second, so I guess I'll be repainting the toad mini I have next.