Monday, May 14, 2012

25mm Renaissance Army

Here I have some more info, from the kind gentleman who gave me the minis, in response to some questions I sent him (links my own addition):
  "The army represents a European army of about 1525. This was the time of the Italian wars of which the Battle of Pavia is perhaps the best known engagement.
    The army consists of Spanish Tercios, which is basically pike blocks with sword and buckler infantry and some crossbow men or arquebusiers (early muskets). There are small mercenary units particularly Swiss pikemen and Landsknechts similar to the well known 'Black Band'. There are also some Italian state infantry.
    In the cavalry there are of course heavy knights and some special light Spanish cavalry carrying javelins.
    The War Games Research Group, Tercio rules were what I used to use but this was many years ago. I have not used them or played wargames for many years so I'm not much use for any contacts.
    The figures are all made of some kind of metal alloy. It's not lead it may in fact be some sort of pewter. I think you will find some odd Saxon figures in the box and even a couple of 15mm size figures. Oh and there is a mounted Bishop who used to go to battle particularly with Italian troops giving them a morale boost when nearby."

I can find no reference online to the Wargames Research Group 'Tercio' rules. As it is, their web presence is minimal (not a modern setup by any means). This means I may have to look into getting a copy of Pike & Shotte to run these guys with, as this seems to fall under the wars of the Tudors, which looks like the start of the period covered by these rules.

Quite a trove all in all.

(Links and pictures courtesy of Wikipedia)


  1. FoG Renaissance is another possible set of rules, which have now had plenty of play time to find the wrinkles - you're also more likely to find players who are already using them than for Pike and Shotte which have only just been released

    1. What? Go for the tried and tested over the new and shiny? Ok, maybe you have a point! ;)

    2. I agree with Tamsin on this one. Or you could wait a bit to read reviews/ batrep using Pike and Shotte first, and then decide.

    3. Looks like I'll be reading up on FoG then! ;)